Saami history in English and Swedish by Lars-Nila Lasko

The aim of this blog is to be a small light in the darkness and try to spread information about Saami history.

Lars-Nila Lasko
Lars-Nila Lasko

Hopefully this blog will to create interest in Saami history and inspire others to study, read, discuss, and maybe start blogging about Saami history, Saami Culture and Saami traditions!

Samisk Historieblogg

Hopefully this blog will also be a small contribution to the understanding and respect for the Saami and Saami culture, increase tolerance to the Saami People and open the hearts.

Samisk Historieblogg

However, if you understand English the blog will also be in your language at . The purpose of the English part of the blog is to give our international visitors a helping hand in and around the Saami History and Saami Rights. Therefore the English part of the blog is entirely written in English and aimed towards an international audience.

Lars-Nila Lasko

Man is a history-making creature, who can neither repeat his past, nor leave it behind
– W.H. Anden

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Guhkkin davvin Dávggáid vuolde sabmá suolggai Sámieanan


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